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Peachy Clouds, Yellow Dandelion and My French Bookcase

1   A beautiful blue sky with peachy clouds when I first got up this morning…. and a lovely day to follow.

Early morning sky

2   I love dandelions! Most people consider them weeds but I love their brightness and their lovely sunshine faces.

Dandelion in the park

3   This delightful bookcase was bought by my Mum in an auction when I was only 10 years old with the promise that it would be mine in due course. I love it and love that my books are, indeed, my silent friends.

Des Amis Silencieux with richly coloured leather backed books

P.S.  We start off on our holidays from tomorrow, going to India and Nepal and I may not be able to blog every day and I probably won’t have time to read or comment on the lovely blogs that I follow. Please continue to read – I will catch up when we get back!


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