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From India to Nepal, Our Welcome and Room Service

1. The flight was only 40 mins from Varanasi to Kathmandu but we were at the airport very early and on arrival in Nepal were two hours in the queue for our visas so we arrived too late for any sightseeing today. The good thing about this was that we all talked to each other in the queue and had lots of laughs! Our first sight of Kathmandu and the mountains from the plane was beautiful indeed.

2. Our welcome in the hotel was lovely as it had been in India. There were bowls of flowers throughout the lobby.

3. After such a long day which was tiring despite doing nothing, we opted for room service which we have never done before. Our very simple meal was so beautifully presented on a trolley which became our dining table. Tomorrow we get up at 4.30 am to have our flight over Everest! I can’t quite believe we are really doing this trip!






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24th October – River Ganges, Sari and Street Scenes

1. Sunrise over the River Ganges was such a beautiful experience.

2. Towards the end of our visit to a silk weaving factory, they asked for one of us to model a sari so I offered. It felt lovely wearing it and even I began to feel elegant which is not my normal style! I wish I would have occasion to wear one at home and I now, really wish I had bought it even though I have no idea when I would be able to wear it. It would just be so lovely to have it just as a piece of art.

3. The streets are so busy and to Western eyes, chaotic, but we saw no evidence of any accidents; everyone was so skilful in steering around each other. Tuktuks share the roads with bikes and bike rickshaws, motorbikes and scooters, ( on which the women in their beautiful saris, ride sidesaddle ) buses and coaches, horse drawn carriages, motor cars and tractors, and cows, sacred and revered and for whom the traffic stops.







I will post many more photos on our return. It’s a bit tricky on limited Internet.


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