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Nepalese Fighting Lion, Suspension Bridge and Indian Elephants

1. There were two of these magnificent sculptures outside our hotel.

Outside our hotel

2 I summoned up some courage and went across the suspension bridge. In fact it felt safe and I had a lovely time! Over the bridge there were three beautiful young women who were putting red marks, tikas, on those who wanted it. For the festival this is made of red colour, rice grains and yogurt and is put there for good health and happiness so, of course, I had one done! Everyone around has one, children, women and men because this is day 8 of the festival.

This beautiful young woman offered to give me a tika

Me with a tika

3. I so love elephants and to be so close was magic! I fed one one of their sweet treats then they said Namaste by curling their trunks up. I am in heaven!




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