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Sleep, Knitting and An Indian Elephant

1   I slept all night! Beautiful!

2   Tonight I have finished the first of two Hoodies I am knitting for the Grandbabies. This is the smaller of the two and I am delighted with the finished article.

Tabitha’s hoodie

3   I love this small picture we have of a decorated Indian elephant. When we go to India at the end of the month we will be doing a safari on the back of an elephant.  For one who admires elephants as I do (such devoted and tender creatures) it will be almost a dream come true to be so close to one.

Indian Elephant

PS For those who liked the idea of ‘Suffragette Socks’ in a recent post, this is what they look like! The shades of purple, white and green are just perfect and I shall love wearing them!

Suffragette socks!


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