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100: The Day Our World Changed – The Evening

As the afternoon progressed so did the action and the audience as they followed the story through the fields and became witnesses to the events of the war.A Wildworks production is not one where you sit still and watch as you may have realised already from the previous two posts!  The lovely Mr S took most of these photos as I was with the choir and we were unable to follow the action through the battle in the turnip fields, the nursing stations, the burial grounds and the Field of Remembrance. Click on any photo for detail and the caption.


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100: The Day Our World Changed – The Afternoon at Heligan

The afternoon at The Lost Gardens evoked the Heligan of the past beautifully with the laundry girls washing the sheets and putting them to dry on the lawn, the gardeners working hard in the kitchen garden and suddenly being told of the outbreak of war and that they would be needed. All the time strains of music could be heard from the local bands and our very own singers from Claire’s three choirs, brought together as the Ingleheart 100 for the day. Click on any photo for detail. Thank you to the lovely Mr S for some of the photos.

The next post will show the rest of the afternoon and evening as the tragic events of the war unfold.


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