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Breakfast, Heron and Storm Warning

We spent another happy few hours having a delicious breakfast and catching up on everything under the sun with our friends at The Heron in Malpas and across the water, we saw a heron! I took the photo through the window on max zoom…..

The eggs may look over-cooked to you – for me, they were perfect!

The rest of the country is covered in snow. We just have lots of rain and very strong winds and so our  Ship’s Barometer overflowed as the pressure dropped.  I love the reflection of the spout in the glass of the porch window.


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Window Box, View and Soup

We met our lovely friends for breakfast this morning. The pub had many beautiful planters of one sort or another.

The view from the terrace is very lovely, looking  out over the Truro River

Lots of courgettes at the allotment and, because we missed a day, some were rather large – perfect for soup. The recipe is one given to me by my very dear friend, Kath, to whom my blog is dedicated and is both easy and delicious. It is a beautiful green colour that doesn’t show too well once it’s packed for freezing in plastic bottles.



Breakfast, Swans and Kindness

Last day before lockdown and we met a couple of friends at a pub for breakfast! We sat on the terrace with the most idyllic view in front of us, enjoying a delicious Cornish breakfast,  putting the world to rights and soaking up the sun’s rays. It was actually warm and such a tonic.

I love swans, a symbol of grace, needed by us all as we face the next months.

Outside the pub was a barrel (!) of fresh water for thirsty pups. What a lovely idea. We often see dishes of water but this is a step up!



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