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Simple Lunch, Jam and Day Lily

Such a hot day! We aren’t used to it. Simple turkey salad was an ¬†easy to prepare and easy to eat lunch. The lettuce and borage flowers are from our edible garden in the trough.

It was not a sensible day to make jam but the crop (600 grammes) was harvested so needs must, despite the heat …… I haven’t made Blackcurrant jam before and it is delicious.

Our Day Lilies are gorgeous.



Home-made Bread, Blackcurrant Jam and Love

A lovely friend called in to visit today bearing the most delicious gifts! There was freshly baked and still warm whole meal bread made by G and five tiny jars of homemade Blackcurrant Jam made by N, a little of which we had this afternoon for tea. Bread and jam – surely the ultimate comfort food!

As if that weren’t enough, N also brought six beautifully fresh eggs laid by their chickens so my favourite breakfast of poached egg on toast is all sorted too! Thank you, N&G for your love and your generosity.


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