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Twiddle-Muff, Cookies and A Poppy

I heard recently of a project to knit Twiddle-muffs, sometimes known as Sensory bands, for people with Dementia and they sounded like a really good idea so I set about making one. My lovely gentle MIL, Madeleine,  had Dementia and used to fiddle with bits of her clothing and I have made this one with love with her in mind and memory. I think she would have liked it. I have incorporated buttons and ribbons, inside and out ,and have added a little pocket as suggested by another knitter. There are lots of textures in the chosen yarns and the stitches used. Now I have to find a home for this one and the others in the making, maybe with Dementia UK for whom we held the concert in Trebah Gardens last week.



2   I baked 101 cookies this afternoon as we have some workmen coming to the house tomorrow for 3 or 4 days and I like to give them home-made cookies with their tea.

Oat Crunchie Cookies

Oat Crunchie Cookies

3   Our first Poppy has emerged and is magnificent. There are eight more buds to be seen.

First Poppy of the season

First Poppy of the season


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A Concert in Trebah Gardens

I mentioned a few days ago that The Suitcase Singers were to do a concert in aid of Dementia Uk in Trebah Gardens tonight. It has been fabulous! The weather was kind to us. The new amphitheatre was amazing with excellent acoustics and there was a brilliant appreciative audience of well over 100. Click on any photo in the gallery for detail and the caption.  Happy days! Thanks to our lovely leader Claire.



Singing, Choir-babies and Bluebells

1   We had the most amazing and magical session at Suitcase Singers this morning – a rehearsal for our concert next week in the very lovely Trebah Gardens in aid of Dementia UK.

Concert at Trebah Gardens

Concert at Trebah Garden

2   Our Choir-babies are growing up!

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3 Grand-baby B had a lovely evening among the bluebells the other day and the photos came to us today.

Bluebell walking through the bluebells

Grand-baby B walking through the bluebells


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