Writing, Spring and Pancakes

21 Feb

A different Tuesday today as I started a writing course while the lovely Mr S went off to Community Roots. It was held in The Writers’ Block at The Ladder and was lots of fun as well as being somewhat challenging. I was quite pleased with what I wrote.  The venue is full of magical items to get one’s brain in action!  One of my favourites was a beautiful paper sculpture of a forest and a man in a top hat and tails.  Several people used this as a starting point for one of the exercises.

Two feathers in a cupboard were what set me off on one exercise.

One of our little border in the front garden is full of Spring.

It’s Pancake Day.  Our savoury ones were stuffed with veggie chilli and the sweet ones wrapped around a banana, with a drizzle of maple syrup and topped with toasted slivered almonds – delicious.


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