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Farewell, A Field and A Feather

It has been brilliant having LiveWire 3 writing the blog so beautifully while I have been under the weather. Thank you to those of you who commented for her to read. She has been delighted with the response to her stint as Guest Blogger.

We waved Farewell to the family this morning and I enjoyed seeing one of the GWR engines that is named for a member of the public who has done good works and ‘made a difference.’ Radio Cornwall also runs the scheme and Don Gardner,  who runs our local food bank, also has an engine named for him. I have yet to see that one.  You can just make us out as we wait to wave at the train.

I love the delicacy of feathers.

We love to watch this field as it is ploughed, sown, the crop grows and is harvested. I’ll try to get the whole sequence this year. It is near a garden centre that we like to visit so I should be able to get the photos.


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