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Guest Blogger 2

LiveWire3 again! Today I went Porthtowan for brunch with LiveWire 2 and my mum! We went to the Blue Bar for some delicious breakfast. It’s like a tradition whenever we come to Cornwall; we have to go to the Blue Bar or it is not a proper stay. So we did just that and it was great!


Just like I said, the food was delicious – as usual – and we finished it super quickly! I got a maple syrup bacon waffle, my mum got hash browns, beans and tomatoes. LiveWire2 wanted a burger but it was too early so he had to wait, although he couldn’t resist the food so he had bit of the hash browns and tomatoes. Later he got a burger and we shared the chips because how could you resist?! You may see a laptop in the backround – well that’s because my mum used the area as an office!

After, we went for a fresh walk along the sand and there were so many cute dogs. We walked close to the shore dodging the waves as they ran towards us. Weirdly, we saw lots of fish on the shore – that was a sight. We had never seen anything like this before but it was very interesting. LiveWire2 took photos of every single fish we saw – of course!

Photo by LiveWire 2 of one of the many dead fish on the beach. Not a usual ‘beautiful’ thing but my Guest Blogger is in charge tonight. We all wonder what had happened.


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