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Guest Blogger and A Hug

LiveWire 3 here! I have just had a day out with LiveWire 2 and my grandad to Eden. I took many, many photos in the Rainforest biome – as it is so big! I took a few photos in the Mediterranean biome but sadly my phone lost battery so I had to resist the urge to take a photo (although I actually couldn’t). There were so many beautiful sights to see but if I took a photo of everything I would have been there all day and I would have had 1,000 photos. I had a really fun day and I am ready for a nice sleep (probably dreaming about all the flowers and plants).

Yesterday this lovely card arrived from a reader in the North East who has become a friend.  It was accompanied by a little bag of beautiful sea-glass which I will incorporate into some glass work at some point.

I was in great need of a hug as I am in the throes of my second attack of gout so I couldn’t go on the planned day out with our LiveWires. The first attack was just three weeks ago. and took me by surprise. I thought it was an illness of old, male heavy drinkers and hadn’t a clue about how painful it is.  I have advice to change my lifestyle (and some medication) but as the suggested lifestyle is the way we live and eat anyway, I don’t know what to change.
Lovely T, LiveWire no 3, undertook to take some photos for me and tonight we have picked a selection for you.


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