No Mow May, Daisies, A Pony and Dylan Thomas

14 May

We are joining in the No Mow May campaign. As the campaign says, ” Reducing lawn mowing frequency brings benefits: More habitat and food for pollinators, reduced carbon emissions, water conservation, and a more drought-resistant lawn, to name a few!”

Part of our lawn, un-mown

There are many patches of daisies.

The pony in the field behind us is mowing as he goes.

It’s International Dylan Thomas Day.

Thank you to the person who presented Eli Jenkins’ poem as a poster.



2 responses to “No Mow May, Daisies, A Pony and Dylan Thomas

  1. beth

    May 14, 2022 at 7:59 pm

    yes, our city is doing this as well and i think it’s a win-win


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