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Tiles, Song and A Protest

I spent the morning with a dear friend who is also a potter and we worked on making tiles, pressing flowers, leaves, grasses and ferns into the soft clay. These are mine now ready for firing.

My choir, The Ingleheart Singers, has been learning a beautiful song about welcoming refugees to our land,” Harbour”, written by Anna Tabbush. We are finding it very moving knowing how the people want to help but on all sides are being thwarted by our government.

Harbour – Anna Tabbus

When you’ve crossed the stormy waters
Come walk ashore
Bring your sons and bring your daughters
Wander no more


For our door is always open
And our hearth is always warm
When you need a place to shelter
We’re a harbour in the storm

There’ll be time for rest and sleeping
Come walk ashore
There’ll be space for peace and healing
Wander no more… For our door etc

For in days of lesser fortune
Come walk ashore
We may need a door to open
Wander no more… For our door etc

I have so much admiration for the bravery of those who protest directly. We’ve marched many times over the years but this protest about sending migrants to Rwanda took bravery. Well done, Holly and friends. I was first alerted to this protest by an article in The Guardian and later by by one of our singers whose niece is a friend of Holly, the second one to stand up to protest and the writer of the piece in the paper.



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