Passion Flower, Honeysuckle and Cake?

06 Oct

It seemed to me like the back view of a huge green cat and  turned out to be a lovely Passion Flower growing up a post just outside town this morning. Look carefully, there is just one flower.

Up the road on our way home was this beautiful Himalayan Honeysuckle, Leycesteria formosa. I need to grow this!

We stopped off this morning at Home Ground, our favourite coffee shop in town. We had our coffees and our Portuguese Custard tarts and bought our lunch to take home – a Pepperoni Flatbread to share with a salad and a new cake, like an enormous Jaffa in a sponge with a tart orange filling and a wonderful chocolate ganache on top – and it was vegan.  I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo before we ate it all, to the very last crumb!  My plate is on the right. I have asked for the recipe but they buy it in so I am going to have to invent something myself. When it works, I will share it with you as it was Amazing!


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2 responses to “Passion Flower, Honeysuckle and Cake?

  1. commonprose

    October 11, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    Looks like someone licked the plate!?!


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