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Six on Saturday – End of March

We have had the loveliest week, bright sunshine in cerulean skies, warm in the sunshine but almost bitter in the shade. There was quite a frost on Thursday morning but the winds of last week have dropped and being outside has been a pleasure.

1.  It’s good to see our first Ladybird.

Ladybird on the Sage

2.  The Fritillaria in the small walled garden near the kitchen are the best they have ever been.

Fritillaria in the wall border

Looking inside the Fritillaria Meleagris

3.  We love Welly Dog who is revelling in the sunshine here. To be quite honest, he smiles whatever the weather! The Tulips are enjoying the sunshine too.

Tulips and the mown lawn

4.  I have planted some instant colour into the Suffragette Garden and am pleased with the result. They should go on flowering for a good time while we settle on the whole replanting scheme.

Suffragette Garden in purple, white and green

5.    There are lots of buds on the Clematis Montana. These are by the shed and are the nearest to flowering. They have a lovely scent too and are near one of our sitting areas where we can appreciate the perfumed air.

Buds on the Clematis Montana Elizabeth

6.  The Camassia are opening and should be quite stunning when they are all in flower. They are such a lovely colour and I love the streak of blue which runs up the petals.


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