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Lambs, A Bell and Dessert

Moments before I took this photo both lambs were lying in the warmth with their faces turned to the sun. They were enjoying the sunshine as much as we were!

Sunbathing lambs in the back field

Today the lovely Mr S put up a bell that our lovely neighbour gave us for Christmas. It is to call one of us in for tea or the like if  busy in the garden. Today we needed it and the beautiful tone carried right up the garden.


Yesterday evening was a Bring and Share supper and I made a recipe that I have been saving for the occasion having seen it in my new cookery book. Knowing that there would be a number of vegans in the group, I guessed it would go down well and it did. It was as delicious as it was pretty.  There were just two slices left for our supper tonight!

Chocolate and Raspberry Tart – Recipe from Lucy Watson





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