Special Cake, Light Show and Christmas Tree

14 Dec

What a day today turned out to be! A dear friend called in for coffee this morning and then we were invited to a special showing of Bill Mitchell’s attic. Sue had made an attic cake and after each person had seen the film (See below) and Bill’s amazing attic full of remarkable things and inspiration, we were invited to make a cake decoration of something we had seen. This is the cake as we left and I will show you the finished cake later.It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. You might like to read my tribute to him written last year.


After that we ventured into a very cold town for a brief visit to Redruth’s Old Tyme Christmas Market in the newly refurbished Butter Market. Clare Summerson’s  Light show, ‘Spirit of Light’ was fabulous, truly beautiful. They were hard to photograph they were moving so only two here.

The Christmas Tree was lovely too.

Christmas tree in the Butter Market


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  1. saymber

    December 14, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    The video was quite eery and haunting to see. It made me fast forward in my head as an artist. What will people say and think of what I’ve left behind for them? The blue painting with stars made me think of one of my favorites, Night with her train of stars: – hugs to you!


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