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Rhododendrons, Daffodils and May Swenson

After singing again today, I went for a solo walk in Burncoose Nursery Gardens. I love the feeling of personal peace I get in there with nothing but the beauty and the scent of the flowers, varieties of bird song and the chance to think. The magnolias have just about finished but the Rhododendrons are now in flower and gorgeous.

Most of the Daffodils have gone over too as the Bluebells start to bloom but these few caught my eye and reminded me of  line in a poem, ‘the yolk coloured mouthpieces’ – just what these blooms have. Below is the whole poem by May Swenson.

Daffodils – May Swenson

Yellow telephones
in a row in the garden
are ringing,
shrill with light.

Old-fashioned spring
brings earliest models out
each April the same,
naïve and classical.

Look into the yolk-
colored mouthpieces
alert with echoes.
Say hello to time.


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