Birthday, Sally-Boots and A Football Game

06 Dec

It is our oldest Live-wire’s birthday today and he has requested Grannyburgers for his family birthday tea tonight! Grannyburgers are Arlene’s Longanisa shaped into small burgers rather than meatballs and they go down a storm! The recipe is here on Arlene’s blog should you wish to try them. I was really touched that these were his choice of the day.

It has been an indoors day today and I have finished a pair of tiny Sally-boots for C’s new baby due soon.

Sally Boots

Sally Boots

Rooting about in Mum’s desk to find something else I came across several little games. Do you remember these? This one is rather special being about football. Most were number or letter puzzles.

Football puzzle

Football puzzle


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One response to “Birthday, Sally-Boots and A Football Game

  1. arlene

    December 7, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Hi Sally, thanks for the link. I am so glad he really likes it.


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