Earth Hour, Fritillaria and A Simple Supper

19 Mar

From Spain to Australia, America to India, Cornwall to Canada and all over the world – millions of people will be switching off their lights at 8:30pm (UK time), to show that they care about the future of our incredible planet.  Earth Hour is all about celebrating our natural world and shining a spotlight on the threats it’s facing such as climate change, deforestation and illegal wildlife trade.  We will be having a candle-lit evening and hoping that the clouds clear and that we can go out and look at the stars.

WWF Earth Hour

WWF Earth Hour

Today we have bought some new Fritillaria flowers as last year’s bulbs have only come up with two flowers so far. They are such remarkable blooms and we both love them.



A few days ago Arlene posted a recipe for Longanisa which I had never heard of but which sounded delicious and I made them last night for our supper. They are as scrumptious as they sounded. I served them with Leeks in a white sauce and a Sweet Potato mash and we really enjoyed our meal.  Looking them up, I discovered that they are a Filipino recipe and are served for breakfast!

Longanisa in the frying pan

Longanisa in the frying pan


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