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Singing Workshop, Tulips and Knitting

Today’s singing workshop was fabulous! Imagine spending a day with wonderful people, friends and singing teachers, learning new pieces to be sung in harmony all written by the lovely Helen Yeoman, sharing the most delicious lunch and coming away with such a sense of well-being all brought about by singing together. Just imagine! Well that was my day today and aren’t I just so lucky?

The very talented Helen Yeoman

The very talented Helen Yeoman


To cap the day off, I was given a beautiful bunch of purple tulips by a lovely friend – for just being a lovely friend! That was a very special moment. Thank you.

Purple tulips

Purple tulips with green leaves against a white wall – celebrating Suffragettes again.

Last night I finished off a cosy scarf that I have been knitting for the lovely Mr S. Now the weather will probably turn warmer!




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