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Dandelion, Goldfinches and W B Yeats

I just love the goldenness of Dandelions. They may be seen as weeds but I love their brightness.



The bushes and the bird feeder are very busy with Goldfinches. We have also had Chaffinches and Long Tail Tits, Robins and a Wren – all getting ready for Spring.

Two of the Goldfinches

Two of the Goldfinches

And just because I like this poem…. another by W B Yeats

Where My Books Go 

All the words that I utter,
And all the words that I write,
Must spread out their wings untiring,
And never rest in their flight,
Till they come where your sad, sad heart is,
And sing to you in the night,
Beyond where the waters are moving,
Storm-darken’d or starry bright.




Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love

Swans mate for life. These two are on The Penryn River, Cornwall, UK.

Love for life

Love for life

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