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Friendship, Pansy and A Rainbow 

I spent a lovely morning with a friend, first in the Cornish Studies Library at their Christmas in Cornwall exhibition and later over coffee putting the world to rights! While at the library I was able to introduce her to the wonderful Tregellas Tapestries which tell the story of  Cornwall in a unique pictorial way. I have written about these wonderfully intricate works before so if you would like to see others in the series, put Tregellas into the search option.   

The afternoon found us in Troon School rehearsing with the children, aged 4 – 11, for their Christmas Concert tomorrow evening. What a delight that was! In one of their playground planters was this richly velvety Pansy.  

 On the drive back we saw a brilliant rainbow, the end of which I just managed to catch as I arrived home. 

 I love how there is just a splash of blue sky and how the chimney stacks are being lit up by the golden glow of the evening sun.


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