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Orange Pastry, Nasturtium and Raindrop

Well, that’s four dozen mini mince pies and a dozen big ones made today. They all have orange pastry like my Mum used to make. It adds a certain something not quite discernible to the pies which makes them even more delicious than usual. I so love spending a whole day baking! See my previous post for a photo of some of the mince pies.

Orange pastry like Mum used to make

Orange pastry like Mum used to make

One beautiful Nasturtium is flowering in my Monkey Planter.

A single flower

A single flower

These three leaves seemed to have positioned themselves for me! I like the way they have fallen, their colours and the way the raindrops magnify the veins in such a magical manner. Click on the photo to see the magnification of the veins.

Leaves and raindrops

Leaves and raindrops


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Oops!

I rather think I added too much brandy to the mincemeat mixture and, oops! It has boiled over! They are very sticky and they are delicious. I have only had one of the mini ones, honestly, just to make sure they are okay. One poor angel has lost her head and looks more like a ghost!

Some of today's Mince pies

Some of today’s Mince pies

Clicking this link will take you to the other Oops photos in this week’s challenge


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