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Daffodils, Roots and Tomato and Two Cheese Torte

I bought our first Daffodils of the season yesterday, locally grown of course, and they are a beautiful bunch of brightness on a gloomy day.

First daffodils

First Cornish Daffodils

I have taken the glass grown Hyacinths out of the dark and into the daylight as they have very good roots now. I had hoped they might be in flower for my birthday in just over three weeks but I think that is unlikely. They will be with us in January brightening up those short days.

Hyacinth roots

Hyacinth roots

We are going out to an evening with friends and music and shared food tonight and I have made a Tomato and Two Cheese Torte. Click the red link for the recipe. The evening is to raise money for Paul’s chosen charity, Children of Peace, and for which he is walking from Rome to Jerusalem.

Tomato and Two Cheese Torte

Tomato and Two Cheese Torte


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