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Trelissick Gardens, Roast Ham and The International Space Station

Firstly, I would like to wish all my lovely readers a wonderfully Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

1   We went off to Trelissick Gallery today to see if we could find me a Christmas present. We did! Of course it is a surprise until tomorrow and it is to be my birthday present as well….  Here is a gallery of the lovely views and Christmas at Trelissick for you to enjoy. click on any photo for the caption and to see the detail.

2  It is traditional at our house to roast a ham for Christmas Eve and today was no different except that I made a wonderful crusty topping that was just delicious.

Roast ham with a mustard and maple crust and star anise

Roast ham with a mustard and maple crust and star anise

3   The International Space Station has passed over Britain twice this evening. The first time, 17.22, we were outside and chatting to our lovely neighbours while we watched but it was just too cloudy. The second time at 18.58 we watched it make its way across the sky. What magic! Some parents are telling their children that it is Father Christmas on his sleigh going by!

P.S. In the midst of our celebrations I just want to send my condolences to the mother in Glasgow who saw her 18 year old daughter and her own parents killed by the dust-cart that ran through Queen Street yesterday. What unimaginable horror to lose three precious loved ones at one fell sweep. My heart hurts for her. I send her love and hugs through the ether as so many others are doing today.



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