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Dawn Colours, Swanpool Walk and Slow Cooker

1    I like it when dawn is so late that it coincides with our getting up! The colours this morning from our front window were delicately beautiful.

This morning's dawn colours

2    We are taking advantage of these beautiful winter days to walk in some of our favourite places before I have my hip operation (I still don’t have a date – just probably December or January  and certainly no later than March12th!)  and am then confined to walking along our road for a few weeks.  Today we went to Swanpool and walked towards Gylly Beach. I have had a number of pain free days and feel brilliant! It makes me wonder why I am having the operation but then someone reminds me of how I have been feeling………    Join us as we move from the pool to the beach and then walk along the coastal path and back to the cafe for hot chocolate and cake!   Click on any photo for more detail.

3   We bought a slow cooker yesterday and as I write I can smell the deliciousness of steak and kidney…..  Roll on suppertime!


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