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Baby Footprints, St Andrew’s Church and Singing

1    L and Grand-baby B went home today after their all-too-short but beautiful visit.Grand-baby B left her footprints behind on the slate mantlepiece where she was standing to laugh at the baby in the mirror. You’ll have to look carefully! There are the toes from one foot and the heel from the other.

Baby footprints

Baby footprints

2   The Ingleheart Singers had our weekly rehearsal, not in the usual place but at St Andrew’s Church in Redruth this evening in preparation for our concert there with Cor Serenata, a visiting Welsh choir, on Saturday evening. (If you are local you can get tickets from me or from the Health Food Shop on Bond Street! It’ll be a cracking night!) The altar cloth is a delight with the Ark and the animals depicted in embroidery and collage and the acoustics are amazing.

The altar cloth at St Andrew's Church
The altar cloth at St Andrew’s Church

3   It was just wonderful to be singing with The Inglehearts again after a month of summer holiday. I so miss singing when we have a break. This weekend is going to be full of happiness with singing from Friday to Sunday! Joy!

happiness is.....singing in a choir

happiness is…..singing in a choir


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