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Seed Pod, Raised Beds and Head Held High

1   I’ve kept the bluebells well past their best for blooms but I love the process of bloom to seed pod and this morning the sun lit up the seed pod beautifully.

Bluebell seed pod

Bluebell seed pod

2   Our vegetable garden is coming on! We have Broad beans almost ready to harvest, Runner beans getting going, Shallots showing good growth and Onions coming on. The salad leaves have just come through. You’ll have to click on the photo to be able to see them in the far left raised bed.   The Clematis Montana is smothering the shed and the sky is simply blue!

The veggie garden

The veggie garden

3   L sent me this lovely photo today of Grandbaby B lifting up her head.

 7weeks and 5 days

7 weeks and 5 days


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