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Pittisporum, Winter Colour and Perfume Bottles

1    The Pittisporum is getting its pink tinge for the winter months.

Pittisporum in its winter colour

Pittisporum in its winter colour

2    These leaves from the Jasmine turn this beautiful rich red in the winter.

Winter red on the Jasmine leaves

Winter red on the Jasmine leaves

3     I was inspired by Yvonne to show you some of my collection of perfume bottles. There are four generations of bottles here and none is taller than 6″.

Perfume containers

Perfume containers

The beautiful blue glass one with the silver top was my Granny’s. I’m told that when she let me hold it when I was about 18 months old,  I bit the top! You can see how the shape is spoilt by my tiny new teeth!

Granny's perfume bottle

Granny’s perfume bottle

Mum’s Eau de Cologne has never been opened and is still in its original box.

Mum's 4771 Eau De Cologne

Mum’s 4771 Eau De Cologne

My perfume in this beautifully shaped bottle was brought from Russia for me! We had two Russian students to stay with us when I was 11 and they brought presents for us all. I was so thrilled to be given such a grown-up gift!

My Russian perfume

My Russian perfume, from 1956

This beautiful perfume bottle was made by one of nephews, a very talented creator in glass, who works in Arizona.

Mark's design, delicate and gorgeous

Mark’s design, delicate and gorgeous


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