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Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination – Daybreak, Midday and Evening

1    I’d been contemplating the Weekly Photo Challenge and then woke to the beautiful illumination of first the sky by the sun, then of the chimneys opposite and the cottage, and then of the painting in the study.

2   We had a walk in the bright chill along the low cliffs at Godrevy, the only sound that of the sea, and the midday sun continued its illuminations of everything around me. I just love how the sun beams through the empty snail shell.

3   The last photo is of our new fence lit up last June by the evening sun.

PS Would you believe I missed this spectacular sunset?    I’ve been given permission to show you this one by Paul Hoskin.

Sunset 13:1:13 by Paul Hoskin

Sunset 13:1:13 by Paul Hoskin


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