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Surprise Present, ClothKitty and Books on Stairs

1   Our lovely neighbour came in today and brought me a belated birthday present of some of her beautiful Winter Flowering Cherry blossom (which I have been admiring from our back bedroom window) a real tonic! Thank you, Sue.

Winter Flowering Cherry blossom

Winter Flowering Cherry blossom, a present from our neighbours

2   I love ClothKitty! I made her at least 30 years ago for KJ but can’t remember exactly when.

ClothKitty, about 30 years old

ClothKitty, about 30 years old

3   Our eldest daughter has sent us this delightful photograph of someone’s stair/bookcase. Now we have an  extended family project for us all to nominate the 9 books we would paint our stairs with!  ‘Under Milk Wood’ would be there for me (as for my older brother) but I’ll have to think of the others.   I wonder what your choice might be?  I’d love to know!

Book staircase!

Book staircase!


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