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Kindness, Blue and a Poem

Last week I had to visit St Michael’s hospital for an assessment on my ankles (new ones or fused ones – don’t like the idea of either option) and while I was there having a test done, I realised that I had lost the top button from my cardigan. The lovely Nurse who was looking after me said she would look for it and post it to me. Today it arrived! What a really lovely kind thing for a very busy person to do.

We walked along Cliff Road in Falmouth ¬†today, nice and flat for the lovely Mr S who is really walking well now and along there are planted some really interesting plants. Perhaps someone can help me identify this one. I thought it was a Scilla but it seems not……

Today’s poem in A Poet For Every Day of the Year is a provocative one for a teacher like me. It irritates me that this child was chided so when she was enjoying her slow read but I love the enjoyment she finds in reading and re-reading. .



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Beautiful Day, New Book and A Poem

What a glorious day! After after our walk this afternoon we sat by the sea in the sunshine  and listened to the shushing of waves on the shingle Рsuch joy.

I have a new poetry book “A Poet for Every Day of the Year” and I love it. It is a truly eclectic collection of 366 poets from all over the world, some of whom I know and many that I don’t. Each one comes with a mini-biography and it is all quite fascinating-.

It is my Dear Dad’s birthday today so I will share with you the delightful poem, new to me as is the poet, that is for January 13th. I think my Dad would have enjoyed this one. .


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