Vertical Garden, Strawberry Cake and Ivan Kupala Night

06 Jul

Some people near where we sing on Thursday mornings live in their boats and one of them has a vertical garden full of geraniums.

This afternoon, the lovely Mr S and I, went back to Kresen Kernow to continue our research and after a couple of hours had tea and cake there – delicious Strawberry Cake, beautifully presented.

In Ukraine tonight it is Ivan Kupala Night and our neighbours are going to the beach to celebrate. I’m hoping to add photos tomorrow as, sadly, I can’t go with them this evening.

What is Ivan Kupala Night?

People’s celebration of summer and sun is quite common across the nations of Europe. The holiday itself has many names — flakagajt (the day of fire) in Albania, Saint Jeans (St. Jean) in France, misommar in Sweden, sobotka in Poland, Ivana Kupala in Ukraine, and more. The celebration of Ivan Kupala Day falls on June 24 (old style calendar) or July 7 (new style) and worships the summer solstice. In Ukraine, we traditionally celebrate it on the night of July 6-7 — all mysteries happen right then…

Thinking of our very dear Ukrainian friends tonight.



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