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John Lennon, Cartoon and Dark Sky

It is the anniversary of the death/assassination of John Lennon, English singer, songwriter, musician and peace activist – one of the Beatles. I saw The Beatles several times in the ’60s in a very small venue above the Co-op when I (briefly) lived in Doncaster as a teenager. We loved them and this day in 1980 was a very sad one. This lovely photo came my way today.

Photo by Bruce McBroom © Apple Corps Ltd.

This is delightful and made me smile.

We went to visit our dear friends today, one of whom is our lovely 102 year old whom you may have read about before. I took her one of my angels from yesterday, the top one if you saw yesterday’s blog. We sang carols and ate mince pies and had a lovely afternoon together.  As we left, the sun had gone down and the sky, very dramatic. I loved the weather vane against the sky. Camera was on the wrong setting hence the fuzz.


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