Special Messages, Friendship and Crocuses

02 Mar
I’ve been trying to track down the organiser of the Baby Beanie distribution and today received this message which I found very moving.
“I can’t help on who to contact. I wanted to say to you, I’ve had two prem babies, the blankets and hats that are made for them are just the loveliest things to receive, at a time when you are exhausted and worried about your baby. I will thank you because I couldn’t thank the ones who did that for my children. Now 18 & 14. X”
“I had my little girl in July last year and she had one of these little hats, they let me keep it and I’ve put it in her memory box as she was wearing it in her first ever picture. Thank you so much for knitting these they are very much appreciated”
We have been helped so much today by friends. Sue-next-door took the wood we are using for the allotment to another friend to have it all sawn  up. We paid with cake!  Later we placed it all on the allotment more or less where it will be to mark out the various beds.
After lunch, as I painted all the cut edges with wood preservative, Sue and the lovely Mr S went to the Green Waste compost and brought us back a truckload which we have started to unload onto our plot. It’s looking good! Pictures tomorrow.
It’s good to see the Crocuses in the Suffragette Garden.

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