Daily Archives: June 10, 2020

A Gift, Foxgloves and First Sweet Peas

My lovely neighbour, Sue, reported the following shocking and ultimately heart-warming incident earlier:
“Arriving at Godrevy today I witnessed a shocking scene – two red setters were ‘playing’ with a young badger, tossing it between them like orcas with a seal pup. The owners were standing 20 feet away shouting the dogs’ names uselessly but not physically intervening. I ran across the grass towards the animals and found myself joined by a small boy, maybe six years old. He said ‘I know about badgers’. The dogs finally returned to their owners, the boy and I examined the cub. It was confused, wobbly and traumatised. The boy suggested we find its sett. We scouted the edges of the field, without success. By the time we returned the little badger had successfully hidden or maybe gone to ground. The boy and I went our separate ways.
About half an hour later he found me on the beach and held out this small stone to me. ‘I’d like you to have this, to thank you for helping with the badger,’ he said…         Photo from Sue.

We set off on our walk this morning hoping to miss the rain. The lowering clouds over Carn Brea seemed to enhance the depth of colour of the Foxgloves and the cloud burst caught us well before we arrived home, rather bedraggled!

I braved the rain again later to cut our first Sweet Peas. Their scent is wonderful. I wish I could send it along with this post.