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Beliefs, Honeysuckle and Elderflowers

I love this poster designed by a friend.

At the moment, our regular walk is around the Flat Lode trail where there are so many different tracks that we are spoilt for choice. There was a lane where the Bluebells were the dominant flower, now that is mostly green. There’s another track that has been packed with Foxgloves which are just beginning to go over. Our favourite track right now is one we have called Honeysuckle Alley as it is a narrow lane lined with the plants where the wonderful scent of the Honeysuckle is almost overpowering.

We collected lots of Elderflower blossoms on the walk and they are now steeping in the syrup, ready for the cordial to be bottled up tomorrow.

For other bloggers, I’m finding the new block system quite irritating! I can’t see a proper preview any more so can’t check how it’s going to look. Titles seem to get lost sometimes – perhaps I just have to keep learning!!


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