Daily Archives: November 11, 2019

Pineapple, Stone Henge and Nearly Home Trees

I love this quirky lampshade.

We chose the route home from London that avoids most motorways and goes past Stone Henge.

Stone Henge

The Nearly Home Trees are so loved by all of us as we return to Cornwall from England.

The Nearly Home Trees at Cookworthy Knapp  on a murky Autumn afternoon

We’ve been away for the last ten days first helping Daughter 3 and family with decorating their new home and re-making curtains to fit the smaller windows. It’s all looking lovely. Their new place is the thatched cottage from 1600 that I mentioned a few days ago. We then spent a few days in London with Daughter No 2 and her family and now we are home again…….  My apologies to all who have commented recently – I’ll reply soon. Apologies too to those whose blogs I have not had time to read!




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