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We Missed Our Garden

Pulling up the blinds this morning, I was delighted to see that our garden had survived the storms we had been hearing about while away. Enjoy this gallery of September blooms. Warning to arachnophobes – there is an autumn spider towards the end of the gallery. It’s a small photo.


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Road Trip Day 1 – Arizona Sunset

Tuesday 4th September 2018

What a long flight that was, 10 hours 40 mins, but we were well looked after with juices brought every hour or so and choc ices on a stick twice! It is 100F here, sweltering indeed.  Arriving at 3pm, 11pm at home, we tried really hard to stay up and managed until almost 9pm helped by the free food and wine on offer and the lovely sunset.

In the airport

Sunset from our window




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