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Mural, Autumn Colours and Dahlias

Outside the station, where we went to buy our tickets to go to London next month for the Anti-Brexit march, we spotted this colourful and interesting mural.

Learn signing

The Autumn colours are appearing.

Changing leaves

Our Dahlias are a bit weather beaten but make a beautiful bouquet nonetheless.

Mixed Dahlias from the garden

By the way, we had some of the Pickled Grapes with cheese this evening and they are truly scrumptious!

Pickled Grapes


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Road Trip Day 5 – Four Corners

Saturday 8th September 2018

Four states in one day! I bought a beautiful little decoration for the Christmas tree in Utah, made by Yolanda LaMone who lives in New Mexico!

Someone with a limb in each State

The stall in Utah where I made a purchase

Father Christmas, an original clay figurine made by Yolanda J LaMone

From Arizona into Colorado

On our way to Mesa Verde for a three night stay.


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