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Screen, Misty River and Hall for Cornwall

On my walk to choir this morning, I passed this colourful screen.

Found in Penryn

The river was particularly lovely in the early mist. I was a little late to choir so couldn’t take a photo but my singing pal Jan had done so and has sent me this beauty to share.

Penryn River in morning mist, taken by Jan

We have been singing tonight at the Hall for Cornwall, at the very last event before the developers move in tomorrow to begin work on the redesigned theatre which will take about eighteen months. The key was handed over with the words from a local child, “Please look after our theatre!”
On our way home after a meal out with lovely friends, first a Badger loped across our path and later a Hedgehog. No photos, but they both crossed the road safely.

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Day 3 – The Rainbow Desert and Hubble Trading Post

Thursday 6th September 2018

Today we have driven to Chinle for a two night stay so that we can explore Canyon De Chelly.  We first drove through the Rainbow Desert many years ago and its beauty moved me to tears then and again today. I wish my photo could convey the colours more truly. The desert is pale pink and red, pale green and sage green, pale yellow and dusty gold – truly beautiful to behold and vast!

A small part of the Rainbow Desert

Just a short stretch of the long, long roads that America has the space for!

The Hubble Trading Post
is an enchanting place, full of treasures and we serendipitously arrived just as a rare tour of the Hubble House was to start. The Trading Post dates from the 1870s and has a fascinating history. Click the red link for more. Enjoy the gallery below.

It made us smile to find ourselves in Room 67 in Thunderbird Lodge as 1967 is the year we married.

Room 67 at Thunderbird Lodge on the edge of Canyon De Chelly


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