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Cousins, Kings Nympton and Ripe Corn

Seventy two years ago my cousin, David, and I were christened at the same ceremony  by our Grandfather, Rev W Richards, Vicar of Cockerham Church, Lancashire.  Today we met again after all these years as David and his wife now living in Australia, are visiting the homeland.

Granny holding David, Grandpa with me and my big brother outside the Vicarage at Cockerham

We met for lunch in a village in Devon that was about equidistant from our place and where D and T were staying – the delightfully picturesque Kings Nympton.

The drive home through Devon’s lovely lanes took us past some golden fields of corn. Here I have Sting in my head!


Golden corn

If you’d like to read more about the Church and the village, click this red link.


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