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Lunch, Supper and A Dessert

What a pretty salad we had for lunch, made up of home-grown leaves and herbs, wild strawberries, leftover sausages, potatoes, olives and feta, decorated with Borage and Nasturtium flowers and with a Raspberry vinaigrette/mayonnaise.

Fresh garden salad

A Blogger friend asked the other day if there is any nutrition in the flowers and I discovered the following: “Most edible flowers supply vitamin C, a nutrient that helps stave off infections; violas contain a good dose of potassium, Nasturtiums are another flower source of vitamin C, and contain 10 times more vitamin C than lettuce, according to the “Vineyard Gazette.” Nasturtiums also supply small amounts of vitamin D…….. Nasturtiums also contain lutein and zaexanthin. Both of these compounds can help protect your eyes from age-related disorders. Violets are a source of rutin, which promotes blood vessel health and reduces inflammation.”

We were invited next door for a barbecue this evening so I put some peppers and Halloumi to marinade in lime juice, oil and herbs ready to skewer and roast.

Halloumi and Peppers to barbeque

I also invented a dessert with what I had in and it was truly scrumptious! I layered Raspberries with vanillared creme fraiche and amaretti biscuits crumbled finishing with more crumbs, Blueberries and viola flowers.

Raspberry and Blueberry, Amaretti and Vanilla Creme Fraiche


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