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Pylons, Sunset and The Copse

Today we drove home and once again on this journey from London to Cornwall through the English countryside, I was struck by the electricity pylons “striding” across the fields and reminded of this poem by Stanley Snaith in 1933 when these things were new in the landscape.

  • Over the tree’d upland evenly striding,
  • One after one they lift their serious shapes
  • That ring with light. The statement of their steel
  • Contradicts nature’s softer architecture.
  • Earth will not accept them as it accepts
  • A wall, a plough, a church so coloured of earth
  • It might be some experiment of the soil’s.
  • Yet are they outposts of the trekking future.
  • Into the thatch-hung consciousness of hamlets
  • They blaze new thoughts, new habits.
  • Traditions
  • Are being trod down like flowers dropped by children.
  • Already that farm boy striding and throwing seed
  • In the shoulder-hinged half-circle Millet knew,
  • Looks grey with antiquity as his dead forbears,
  • A half familiar figure out of the Georgics,
  • Unheeded by these new-world, rational towers.
 Stanley Snaith, “Pylons,” in The Silver Scythe (London: Blythenhale Press, 1933)

Pylons in the landscape

Driving West we are often lucky enough to catch a lovely sunset.


Everyone coming home to Cornwall along the A30 knows that they are almost home when they see this copse at Cookworthy Knapp, a few miles before the Cornish border.

Cookworthy Knapp

My photos were all taken with my phone today, from the moving car.


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