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Winter Solstice, Dusk and Neil Gaiman

To celebrate the Winter Solstice we have had a spiral of candles lit today.

This evening, at astronomical dusk, we were in The Writers’ Block  at Cornwall College, to be a part of the “wave of words across the UK.” The event, DUSK, part of the Solstice Shorts Festival, was one of 12 around the country starting at 17.07 in Ellon and ours, the last one starting at 17.40. There were stories, songs and poetry on the theme of dusk at dusk and it was brilliant! The creative space was a delight to be in and among the inspiring quotations on the walls was this one from Neil Gaiman which rang so true for us both.

Happy Winter solstice to all my readers. May the increasing light  bring you peace and joy in the coming year.

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