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Curly Hair, 67 and Local Lifeguards

What a delightful time we have had in The Blue bar tonight having supper in our favourite place overlooking the beach at Porthtowan. There was a lovely family whom I fell into conversation with as their three year old looked so much like me in early photos.  They were very happy for me to take a photo for my blog, back view as always of children, though she did move a bit!

Curly head

Our table number was 67 which pleased me as that is the year we married!

50 years ago

As we were finishing our meal, dozens of young people arrived in fancy dress and on bicycles. They were in the bar for a short time and then went out to start what looked like a race and I managed a couple of photos. When I went back in I asked at the bar what was going on as all I had heard was, “Welcome to the 2017 ….” and the rest was drowned in cheers. It turns out, all these young people were Life Guards from local beaches and they have an annual cycle ride from pub to pub called The Tour de P*ss. They were certainly having a good time and this was just the start!

The start of the ride





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