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Wolf’s Child by WildWorks

If you live in Cornwall, please go to see this amazing show in Trelawarren – it touches every part of your soul…. Wolf’s Child by WildWorks.

A scene from Wolf’s Child

The following is from today’s Guardian newspaper – the ten best theatre shows to see this summer.

2 Wolf’s Child
Bill Mitchell, the founder of Wildworks, a company specialising in creating theatre in which the natural landscape is an integral part of the experience, died earlier this year. He was a theatre visionary and his legacy lives on in this reworked version of a show first seen at the Norfolk & Norwich festival in 2015. This is theatre that encourages you to stray from the path, even when wolves lurk in the wilderness. Their howls hang in the air in this story that follows a wolf mother and her wards.
Trelowarren Estate, Helston, 11-30 July

Here I write about the wonderful Bill Mitchell –



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