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Concert at Krowji for the Opening of the Percy Williams Building

My other choir, The Ingleheart Singers, sang this afternoon at the opening of the new building at Krowji, the arts Centre of Redruth. It is home to a vibrant creative community which currently includes painters, jewellers, furniture makers, ceramicists, textile artists, web designers, theatre companies and musicians.
We are just off to a music festival, Tunes in the Dunes to see Status Quo, so here is just one photo from the wonderful new building. I will add to this tomorrow.  Please see below.

I just love this pipe work! Perfects for an Arts Building.

I just love this pipe work! Perfect for an Arts Building.

There were various speeches prior to the cutting of the ribbon and the opening of the building and it became obvious that without the Williams family, there would be no new arts building and it made me think of the legacy left by Passmore Edwards, library buildings in many Cornish towns. This is an equally philanthropic gesture that generations of artists and those who love art in all its forms will come to appreciate.  Please click on any photo for detail and the caption.


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